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Be the change you want to see in the world. Ignorance is bliss can get you through life not realizing how much is wrong with the world around us. We continue on with our days one foot in front of the other, constantly moving forward with out any digestion of the problems that are around us. We are presented with issues that go against our ethical thread, but still continue to move forward. It is part of the reason we have persevered, acting if somethings are just not tangible enough for us to change. My own pursuit of a career in food was my eye opener, I slowly was a able to take the acute vision that I had and opened it gradually. I stepped into my first professional kitchen at 25, and being able to see its sources and the preparation to feed the masses. I saw the poor quality, lack of sensibility, and accumulation of waste. From that first restaurant, I was sure to always segue to something better, but to be sure to keep a memory of the moment when I did not morally comply with the people I worked for. I hope that with this blog I lead you through my thoughts and journey to where I am now. A person that urges for change, through shared knowledge and reasonable solutions. We have to be understanding and compassionate, because they are our tools to remove stigma and ultimately ignorance.

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