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first domino to fall

Daniel Scott, was a military brat who grew up in many parts of that states as a child. With a change in scenery, there was a always a constant, food cooked in his mothers kitchen He settled in Massachusetts as young adult and began a career as a cook for the first time. With a strong appetite always striving for what he knew as best. He found himself in excellent restaurants cooking many styles of cuisine. Being fully embedded in the food industry it was quick to realize the unethical practices. Instead of acceptance of what it is, it became a kindling that began a fire inside.


Mirelle and Daniel met when he had a opportunity to open a new restaurant as a executive chef. When the right thing comes along all the sign are there. They immediately connected with their humor but progressively discovered that their values with food and our outlook on life aligned.  Well time flies, and our mind, heart, and eyes opened. It was time to reconsider where we wanted to be, we now knew who we wanted to be with.  We were also given a early blessing to direct us into our future. A little girl who we will welcome to a world, one that we as her parents have the opportunity to create.


Now that we made the move to Colorado. Its time to hit the ground running.  We are organizing a string of local, sustainable, and community orientated pop ups.  Each pop up will be themed differently, showcasing our interest and subjects of inspiration. We are actively building relationship with local farmer, purveyors and artisans To uniquely tailor each pop up experience. We debut our first dining experience this spring at Shamane's Bake Shoppe in Boulder Colorado.