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Ohana Eatery is community supported food trailer that will be cooking and serving creative diner dishes, locally sourced from those who love what they do. We started Ohana with one thing in mind family (hence our name). Ohana Eatery is a family operated business extending its hands and hearts through food to our community. We are purveyor free which means we source from local farms, local businesses, and respected artisans.


While most food trucks dream of one day finding their concept settling into a brick and mortar restaurant, we can say we don’t share that same goal. Our end goal is to reverse engineer what we are doing and find ourselves in the dirt, forming new roots and seeing what grows. Ohana Eatery is our vehicle that will bring us to the final destination of a homestead. Where we can cultivate a sustainable food system that will provide the core ingredients in a ongoing evolving menu. We will work everyday towards establishing relationships to tighten our food chain so we can lower our carbon footprint and always stay aligned with our core values. THIS IS OUR 10 YEAR GOAL!

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*We work directly with local farms, our menu will change from day to day pending on food availability and select

venues. See Social Media For Most Current Menu Postings!


Check us out for food truck feasts, farm dinners, office lunches, private parties, corporate events or any other special event.

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